Optical Communications (Undergraduate Course)


The aim of the course is to get acquainted with the technologies of optical transmission of information. The main learning outcomes of the course are the following:

-To acquaint students with basic concepts of optical communications.

-To offer an in-depth analysis of the parameters of optical fibers.

-To acquaint students with the structural optical elements and the effect of these parameters on telecommunication links.

-To acquaint students with the basic optical network architectures in the backbone and access network.

-To offer a coherent introduction to topics related to FTTH.


Historical Evolution of Optical Communications.Optical Fiber as a Transmission Medium. Types of Optical Fibers. Technologies of Optical Transmitters LASER/LED, Optical Amplifiers EDFA/SOA/Raman, Optical Filters like Bragg, AWG, Thin-Film Filters, etc. PIN/Avalanche Photodiodes. Dispersion and Nonlinearity Compensation Techniques. Design of Optical Links. Integrated All-Optical Circuits. Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) and Modulation Formats. Routing and Multiple Access in WDM Networks. Metropolitan Optical and Optical Access Networks. Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Optical Networks.

Supplementary material

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