Automating Administration of Systems

This course introduces some basic concepts for automating the administration of systems in the cloud. Various devops-related concepts are explored in various system and application settings

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

– Have a firm grasp of the Python language and its application in system administration

– Implement calls to various API end-points including self-hosted applications and public cloud

– Use Python scripts to automate basic and complex system administration tasks


Intoduction to cloud system automation. The Python language: basic concepts, data-types, modules, conditions and loops. The Zen of Python. Python classes. Using Python to perform remote tasks on database: application to PostgresDB. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Using Python to automate API calls in self hosted applications. Case study: the Budibase Platform API. Authentication in APIs. Implementing the OAuth2.0 flow in Python. Case study: Using Python to automate tasks using the Gmail and Calendar API. The Selenium platform for carrying out automated system tests.

Supplementary material

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